What Is Chiropractic?

Welcome to Chirozen, I'm Dr Vermaak. I am the Southbank Chiropractor specializing in treating back and neck pain. During  your initial consult with me I will use my expertise to design a treatment plan that will give you the most benefits and pain relief. The treatment plan can range from manual adjustments to a no force approach using  our low level laser machine.

What is Chiropractic?






Chirozen is located at 216 City Rd Southbank, its a great location for Melbourne CBD workers

> ChiroZen Is Located On The Ground Floor

> ChiroZen Has Street Parking At The Doorstep

> ChiroZen Has A Great Chiropractor

> ChiroZen Appointments Run On Time

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Karelien Vermaak Southbank Chiropractor


Chirozen Has A Lot To Offer The People Of Melbourne 


Hicaps facility on premises, claim your health insurance rebates on the spot

Karelien use manual adjusting techniques and the activator tool
Health insurance funds can cover up to half or more of your treatment cost. The Hicaps facility allows you to claim your rebate on the spot and you will only have to pay the gap.


Low Level Laser Therapy is an effective way to treat your pain

Low Level Laser Therapy can also be referred to as LLLT or Cold laser.

LLLT helps with reducing inflammation and the regeneration of the cells in the area. LLLT can penetrate through the upper layers of the skin and tissue to treat the affected area. Karelien was excited to add this modality to her toolbox as this allowed her to treat clients that could not be treated with the traditional manual adjustments.

Chiropractor Southbank Melbourne

Karelien has a great passion for adjusting people from all walks of life with a special interest in family Chiropractic. She enjoys the diversity of techniques in Chiropractic and use the appropriate technique to achieve the best results for her clients. From very gentle adjusting tools like the activator or blocks to more manual adjustments by hand or the drop piece.

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