(One of my favorite one pot wonders. About 10 mins prep time with beautiful results , feeds between 2-4 people).

What you’ll need :

A pot big enough to fit a chicken snuggly that’s oven proof. Some butchers twine , about 40cm ( ask your butcher for some when you buy your chook)

                             1 Brown onion

                             1 Carrot

                             1 head of garlic

                             1 bunch thyme

                             1 stick celery

                             A glass of white wine ( for drinking and cooking)

                             750ml chicken stock ( store bought or home made)

                             100g cracked burgal wheat ( can use the same amount                                  of                              quinoa if you cant find this)

                             A pinch of saffron

                             A 1.2 kg chicken

                             2 table spoons olive oil (or any other good cooking oil,                                                                    just not extra virgin )

                             Salt and pepper to taste

OK so here we go , have a sip or glass of your wine depending on how you’re feeling and refill the glass!

Preheat the oven to 220c

Chop your onion really small , then chop your other veg nice and chunky.

Get your pot on the stove crank the heat to medium ,add your olive oil and let it heat nicely .

Add your onions to the pot , cook till glossy and turn down the heat to low , chuck your carrots ,celery and thyme in and just let it cook away slowly .

Cut the garlic bulb in half and add this to the pot .

You’re probably thirsty , so have some more wine !

While you’re pots simmering away on a low heat ,truss your bird ( tie up your chicken , not your wife or girlfriend, those activities are better left till later )

Get your saffron in the pot and toast it for 30 secs stirring well , then add the glass of wine and cook until the wine goes siropy.

Season the chook generously with salt and pepper and add it to the pot, then pour the chicken stock into the pot until it comes about 3/4 of the way up the cook . Pour the bugal wheat down the sides of the chook.

Bring the pot up to the boil and put the whole lot in the oven, cook for 45mins.

Enjoy the great aromas in your kitchen have some more wine , clean up or don’t,but most importantly relax while the chook is cooking .

Once done remove from the oven and leave to stand for 15 mins.

Carve and enjoy with the veg and broth .

Hope you all enjoy this recipe!

Happy cooking!

Phil Prior